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Solid™ offers customized compliance support programs for small, medium and large sized firms. Solid™ will customize a compliance support program designed to meet the needs of the firm, its size and business model. Services can be provided individually or designed as a package of services.



The Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), State and other Self-Regulatory Organizations (SRO’s) have the expectation that Investment Advisers have a comprehensive and operational compliance program in place. In addition, these programs must demonstrate their effectiveness through on-going testing. Solid™ will help you build the infrastructure and provide the guidance that demonstrates your firm’s “Culture of Compliance”.

Solid™ designs programs that are tailored to your company’s specific needs by offering the following:


SEC and State Registered Advisers and those Advisers seeking registration.

Customized compliance support programs designed to meet the unique needs of small, medium and large sized firms – Solid™ will customize a compliance support program designed to meet the needs of the firm, its size and business model. Services can be provided individually or designed as a package of services.

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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans

Solid™ provides Investment Advisers with comprehensive compliance support aimed at developing your firm's Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan. Your firm is required to have an effective Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Program. Solid™ can assist your firm in meeting the requirements of building, testing and putting in place an effective Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Program. A dedicated consulting member will work with your firm to provide guidance and assistance in building your initial program, testing areas and implementation of an effective Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Program.

Annual Compliance Meeting / Education

Let an experienced trainer conduct your next Annual Compliance Meeting. Annual Compliance Meetings are an important part of keeping your employees and associated persons up-to-date with your firm’s policies and procedures. In addition, these meetings offer an open forum to allow your employees to discuss current initiatives of the firm and the regulators. Don’t miss an opportunity to promote your firm’s “Culture of Compliance” and provide your employees with relevant knowledge about the current regulatory scheme and initiatives. Solid™ will work with you to tailor an annual compliance meeting that is relevant to your employees and firm’s compliance initiatives. Let a professional Consultant lead the conversation and help you engage your employees in the conversation.

Adhoc Consulting

Investment Advisers can also engage Solid™ to provide ad hoc consulting time with your firm. This time can be utilized to address needs or questions as they arise.


Institutional Only Investment Advisers.

Institutional only management firms have unique considerations when designing and maintaining a Compliance Program. Let a seasoned Consultant guide your institutional only adviser through these complex processes.


Private Fund Managers and Hedge Fund Management.

The risks for non-compliance for a Fund can be catastrophic. Many limited partners will simply refuse to re-invest with a fund that gets caught in the web of non-compliance. Thus, the future viability of the general partner itself may be at stake if a serious breach occurs. To address these types of risks, Fund Managers need customized compliance program services and consulting support. Solid™ assists private fund managers addressing these types of challenges.

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Technology & Cybersecurity.

Solid™ provides your firm with the technology for housing electronic books and records, policy manuals, business continuity plans, IT Manuals and Code of Ethics. Solid™ provides a secure, easily retrievable warehouse for your firm’s housing of important books and records. Solid™ technology offers firms many tools to ensure firms can meet their compliance obligations. Out site offers a continuous compliance calendar. The compliance calendar is available to assist your firm in tracking and meeting important compliance program activities, ensuring notifications for making timely filings, and providing valuable reminders of upcoming activities that should be undertaken by your organization.

Solid™ has the technology and professional staff to address your firm’s cybersecurity needs with a Cybersecurity Program specifically designed to fit your firm’s current risks and activity level. See more about Cybersecurity Programs on this site.


Registration services for Investment Advisers who wish to register with the SEC or State Regulator.

Solid™ will get you started and see your firm through its initial registration. Our team of experts will help your firm establish a complete compliance program, initiate a business continuity and disaster recovery program, provide assistance with finding vendors that support your new adviser’s needs, and provides services that will assist your firm in implementing an initial cybersecurity program foundation.

Solid™ will perform those critical steps to get you started with the regulatory organization your firm wishes to register under. Packages include a starter compliance package and/or ongoing compliance services.


Compliance Department Organization Reviews.

Worried that your firm may be missing something? Has your firm had a recent restructure of departments or critical managers? What about new business lines? Let an expert consultant review your organization and sit down with key personnel and managers to delve into finding your gaps, making recommendations towards more efficient use of staff and time. We’re experts in this area and can help you use your resources to the fullest!


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